Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Segment: Words from the train

     I would like to start out this post with an apology. So far this summer I have only posted once. I know that many of you have, in the past, depended on some of my posts when trying to plan your daily commute or when your just looking for some crazy information about the MBTA. The truth is this blog is truly like a full time job and it is sometimes hard to devote the right amount of time for it, especially when you are stretched thin already. As of today however, I am turning over a new leaf! Since I have been regularly traveling into the city on the train this summer, and that is truly the only time I have to my self, I have decided to start a "Words from the train segment" to help keep all of you informed while also having a little bit of fun! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions! Also, the MBTA Wi-Fi on the commuter rail is sometimes unpredictable so just bare with me!
MBTA GP-40 "Geep" #1126

Sunday June 17, 2012 

     Today I am riding the the 10:00am train to Lowell out of North Station. I love riding the MBCR Commuter Rail on the weekends, except for when I forget that the MBTA runs a different schedule. 

July 1st is steadily approaching and hopefully all of you know by now what that means! Not only is the MBTA increasing fares (it's going to cost almost 20$ for a round trip to Lowell) and cutting service but they are also banning all alcohol related advertising on MBTA property. So that means the Amstel Light ads that are at North Station will probably be the last alcohol ads to ever be seen on the MBTA. I have to admit that is an awesome way to go out, those ads are really interesting. Go check them out whil you can!

 In regards to the fare increase, the MBTA has already started posting the new fare structure on all of their fare vending machines. Personally, I thought that posting a sticker with the new fares and then having another sticker on the other side with the old fares was a little confusing but see for yourself. 

Once again just as a friendly reminder fares ARE going up on July 1st!


The North Station Draw 
Another part of these segments that I am really looking forward to writing is just different sights and observations that I have seen around the system. Today, was actually a very interesting day around the MBTA system. Commuter rail coach #1607 (which I am sitting on right now) has a brand new paint job and the car looks absolutely stunning! Today, almost all of the morning trains out of North Station were being pulled by one of the MBTA's GP-40 locomotives! I love seeing these locomotives out and about in the system. They primarily run on the North Side. The one thing I truly love about these engines is that they are extremely reliable. This is probably because they are ex-freight engines. Leaving North Station today I was able to witness an often rare sight. The right draw of the North Station draw bridge was raised! Lastly, one of my biggest observations I had was on the Orange Line. Most of you who ride the orange line know that the cars are often dark, cold (because they have the BEST A/C), and smelly. I'm not sure what can be done about the smell but it looks as if the MBTA is installing newer my energy efficient lighting on most of the Orange Line fleet.

Well thats all I have for this weeks "Words from the train." Look for more segments in the coming weeks!


  1. I know how that feels...I have a bunch of projects that are somewhere between "idea" and "I hate this and need to rewrite" and am clinging to my photos from Chicago for my weekly content.

    Incidentally, the GP40MCs had quite a few problems post-rebuild due to their heritage as freight locomotives, mostly with the HEP equipment and new computer systems.

  2. Great job! I love the new segment!

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