Monday, May 14, 2012

Bikes on the MBTA

Since Boston is becoming an even more bike friendly city, I thought it might be fun to show how you can integrate bike travel with public transit here in the hub.

The MBTA may not be the most bike friendly public transit agency in the United States but overall, they are doing very well.

Here are the in's and out's of bike travel on the T.

Commuter Rail:

Courtesy: MBCR 
The MBTA's commuter rail system is probably the most bike friendly service the T offers. Over the years the MBTA and the MBCR have both initiated numerous luxuries for passengers commuting in and out of the city with their bikes.

The Bike Coach:

Back in 2006 the MBTA unveiled a renovated commuter rail coach specially equipped with stationary bike racks. The coach holds 40 bicycles and 42 customers. The coach was such a hit on the Rockport line that the MBTA renovated another coach for the same purpose and put it in place first on the Greenbush line and then on the Newburyport line. 

Now, every weekend during the summer, the MBTA puts both coaches back into service on the Newburyport and Rockport lines!

This year the MBTA and MBCR will be running the coaches from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day weekend on the following schedules:

Outbound from Boston 
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) 

Train: 1153/2153 Depart North Station — 9:30 AM to Newburyport 
Train: 1105/2105 Depart North Station — 10:15 AM to Rockport 
Train: 1161/2161 Depart North Station — 1:30 PM to Newburyport 

Train: 1105/2105 Depart North Station — 2:15 PM to Rockport 

Inside the Bike Coach
Inbound from Newburyport and Rockport
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) 

Train: 1160/2160 Depart Newburyport — 10:48 AM
Train: 1112/2112 Depart Rockport — 12:00 PM
Train: 1168/2168 Depart Newburyport — 2:48 PM 

Train: 1120/2120 Depart Rockport — 5:10 PM 

On all other Commuter Rail Lines bikes are allowed on weekends and during off-peak hours. Bike friendly times on the Commuter Rail are designated on ever lines schedule with a bike symbol. 


Bicycles are allowed on all MBTA subway lines (except for the Green and Mattapan lines) on weekends and off-peak hours.

Hours bikes are NOT allowed:

Red and Orange Lines: 7-10am and 4-7pm
Blue Line: 7-9am and 4-6pm

Courtesy: Boston Biker 
Buses & Silver Line:

Bicycle racks are mounted on the fronts of most of the MBTA's busses. Bikes are allowed on busses at any time as long as a bike rack is available (Bikes are not allowed inside any MBTA bus). The Bike racks only hold two bicycles at a time.

Bicycle Parking:

Courtesy: MassBike
Bike racks are available at most MBTA stations. The MBTA has also been installing what they call "Pedal and Park" facilities at some of their stations. These facilities are enclosed bike cages that are equipped with closed circuit cameras and controlled door access.

Currently the "Pedal and Park" facilities are located at Forest Hills and Alewife stations but the MBTA is planning to add some more around the system.

In order to gain access to these specially designed bike cages you must obtain a Bike Charlie Card which are available from station officials or the customer service desk in Downtown Crossing station.

More information on the MBTA's bike services can be found on their Website.


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  2. in san francisco they have dedicated bike cars and you can bring your bike on the train ALL DAY LONG! i think boston likes to punish people for riding bikes...

  3. Anywhere that I could still get a Bike Charlie Card? Looking specifically for that design.


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