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  1. hello,

    I'm responding to the ideas for #MBTA fare evasions.

    What about cameras to take photographs/video like street cameras do at busy intersections? The MBTA employees who sit and "monitor" in the office like at Harvard Station can go through the photos of suspects and try to match them up.

    Too bad we can't wear license plates and the ticket gets mailed to our home address.

    There needs to be more presence at certain stations like Park Street/The Common entrance. I've waited for the E line and heard the gates make noise when people walk through without a Charlie card or pass and no one is ever around to say anything.

    Maybe make the gate close permanently or have a 2nd set of doors that would prevent you from continuing so that way you would have to go back and swipe your card or put your pass in.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Thanks for suggesting this.

  2. Thank you so much for you suggestions Luis!

  3. Restaurant - Spelling correction

  4. I have a house in Auburn New Hampshire and I would like to take a train from boston manchester new hampshire. Can you help me.

  5. Dear Dan,

    I’m emailing from BBC Current Affairs about a documentary we’re making for BBC Two on British Television. Set to go out in late December, the programme is a review of 2013 seen through the most iconic photographs of the year. We’ll unpack the stories behind the scenes, reveal how and why the pictures were taken, interview the subjects and where possible interview the photographers and photo editors behind them. For example, we’ll reveal how the Boston marathon bombing was covered photographically and look at the Oklahoma Tornado pictures.

    I would really appreciate the chance to talk to you in more detail about the photograph you took of the Boston Marathon bombing which appeared on numerous newspaper front pages and was an extraordinary image. I’d like to talk to you about the circumstances of taking the image, your journalistic background and how Twitter has been used to disseminate news stories increasingly.

    I appreciate how busy you must be but I would love to have conversation with you about it at your earliest convenience. Would there a suitable time to call and what number should I contact you on?

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know should you have any further questions.

    Many thanks,

    Luke Martin

    Assistant Producer
    Current Affairs

  6. the 54" blowers on the new HSP-46 locomotive do not have a protective grill. Why?

    The large vertical grills on the sides seem to have no prtective screen or filters. Do the grills close to keep out snow?




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