Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring time in the city

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Spring in the city of Boston has always been a time for new additions and old traditions and this year is no different.

As I was walking around the city yesterday I found some new projects that were taking off and some regular occurrences that people were taking advantage of.

In Boston Common, the first signs of the Liberty Mall's rejuvenation were peaking out. The fences protecting the freshly planted sod have been taken down. New portable tables and chairs (much like the ones that are on the Green Way) have been placed all around the new granite plaza. The historic Brewer Fountain has been turned on and the FREE Wi-Fi is now available.

 A local food truck has also made a new home for itself on the plaza. Clover Food Lab, based out of Harvard Square, has ten other locations in and around the city and opened this new location for business yesterday. The truck will be open 7 days a week on the plaza from 7am-7pm selling breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can check out a menu form their Harvard Square location HERE. You can also follow the new truck on Twitter: @cloverPRK.

On the other side of Boston Common a new type of addition is being constructed. Early last year Aaron wrote a post on how the "Pink Palace", a decrepit and unused men's restroom, built originally in 1920, would be transformed into an Earl of Sandwich Sandwich shop. It has been a long while in the making but the construction on the project is finally getting underway. The plan is for the restaurant to be open year round and have outside seating in the summer. There are currently no specific dates for when the restaurant is set to open. This will also be the first permanent restaurant/retail location in Boston Common.

There are also some old traditions that are roaring back to life here in the hub. Frog Pond was recently filled up and is ready to be enjoyed. There is also going to be a new carousel at the pond that should be debuted very soon. The beloved Swan Boats are awaiting their passengers in the Public Garden. Every year when these unique and beautiful boats hit the water it is a sure sign that Spring has hit the city.
Overall, spring is a very busy time here so make sure you go out an enjoy everything that the city has to offer! 

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