Monday, December 19, 2011

Boston Common Renovation Part II

Last March Aaron and I posted that historic Boston Common would be going under extensive renovation! Now, a little less than a year later the rehabilitation is almost complete.

The Liberty Mall, which runs from Park St. Station up to the Massachusetts State House, received the largest facelift from the project. Since I pass by the project everyday on my way to class I was able to follow the renovation every step of the way! The entire mall was completely torn up to take away all of the dead grass, cracked concrete, dead trees, and frost-heaved asphalt. Soon after everything was ripped up, huge amounts of loam were brought in and the reconstruction began! The entire Plaza that surrounds the historic Brewer Fountain received new granite tiles and wooden benches. All of the paths were repaved and received new granite sidings and drains. Most importantly however, yards upon yards of fresh sod was rolled down and numerous new trees were planted, creating and even greener Boston Common. To keep the new trees and grass lush and healthy all year long, a new sprinkler system was also installed along the entire mall. Currently, huge fences can still be found surrounding the newly planted sod and trees to make sure that the grass takes properly, but all of the paths are now open to allow pedestrians to walk through and see what's new! 

The visitors center under construction
this past summer
Another major part of the project was to restore the Boston Common Visitors Center. Now fully revitalized and open for business, the center received a head-to-toe facelift. All of the siding was taken down and replaced, a new granite walkway and new outside lighting were installed, and a fresh coat of paint was slapped on. The inside also received some attention with the installation of two LCD display screens, new lighting, and a totally reorganized gift shop. The center is now not only visually appealing, but a wonderful place for Boston's tourist to find out information. 

In the last post I stated that free Wi-Fi would be installed throughout much of the common and that  a stand or building would be installed near the Brewer Fountain. Currently, neither of those have happened and I have not seen or read anything that tell me they will be happening in the near future. Not to worry, though, as I'm sure they will be coming along once summer hits! Overall, the $1.5 Million project, funded by the Friends of the Public Garden, seems to be an overall success. All of the landscape development was done by Valley Crest Landscape Architects

Right now this is an eyesore but soon
it will be site of the new elevator!
View from the Red
line platform 
This post would not be complete, however, without a small tidbit about the MBTA. As many of you know, the MBTA is currently underway with its construction of a new elevator at Park St. Station. Although the project is still a ways away from its estimated completion date, Fall 2012, the project seems to be moving along full speed. When all is said and done this $8.7 million project will install two brand new elevators in the station. One will go from the Common to the Green Line westbound platform and the other will go from the Green Line westbound platform to the center platform of the Red line. 

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