Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hubway is BACK and ready to exceed expectations!

Since late November of last year, Hubway, Boston's bike sharing program has been closed and stored in a warehouse awaiting the spring.

Since its official launch last July, Hubway has been met with a large amount of praise and enthusiasm. Right away the system took off and has now grown to have over 600 bikes available at 60 stations across the city! The system allows riders to rent bikes for varying amounts of time on a sliding price scale: $5 for 24 hours, $12 for three days, or $85 for a full membership. 

Spring has sprung and Hubway is finally gracing the city of Boston with it presence once again! In anticipation for their official March re-launch Hubway has already started to install some of their stations around the city. According to Hubway, five stations were installed yesterday and their goal is to have another six or so out by the end of today. The launch has been getting people excited all over the city, especially on Twitter! Hubway (@Hubway) launched the hashtag #HubwayHunt as a challenge for people to try and find the stations launched in the past few days. The first one spotted was on Harvard University's Solider Field Campus.

The City of Boston is truly becoming a very bike friendly city! Just last year the city created a new bike lane on Mass. Ave. and plans are in the works to do the same thing to the Longfellow Bridge. Hubway is defiantly going to aid the city in their effort to become a bike friendly city, with its plans to extend the system into Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.

If you are a regular Hubway user check out this awesome map by @Bostonography. The map shows you how to route the perfect trip on a Hubway bike. As long as you follow the routes, which are outlined in BLACK, you will always ride past a Hubway station.

Overall, Hubway is clearly making a name for themselves here in the city and I am excited to see what direction they are going to head in next.

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