Thursday, May 26, 2011

MBTA: Time to sell some merch!

Well its been a long time in the making and a long time since my last post about the subject but it is finally here!!!

That right! The MBTA has finally launched their online merchandise/gift shop!! I know it's kind of corny but I really am excited about this one. And no its not just because I want a T map shower curtain!!

The T started planing for the launch of this website early this year as a way for them to gain a bit of money to try and lower their debt (which is $8 Billion and swiftly rising). The website will be featuring your regular gift store items like mugs, coasters, and magnets with stylish MBTA designs. It will also feature graphic t shirts and sweatshirts, jewelry (some are made out of old MBTA tokens), books and DVDs on MBTA history, and posters. I think my favorite part of the website, other than the shower curtain, will be the antique memorabilia and the reproduction memorabilia. They're actually going to sell authentic maps and signs that have been taken out of stations and cars during renovations or retirements. Now, for a huge chunk of change, you can own an actual piece of T history! Believe me if I wasn't a "poor college student" (as my mom likes to put it) I would be buying a lot of the stuff on this site! Right now the T is running the beta version of the site and they will be officially launching it on June 1st!

So if you want to go buy yourself a pair of MBTA jeans (yes they do have them), or you just want to browse around some cool merch than visit and help relieve a small percentage of your favorite transit company's debt!!


  1. I really want a reproduction station sign but can't figure out how I can justify it...

    But hey, who wouldn't want Mass Department of Transportation flip-flops?? Wooooot!

  2. I can't believe those cost $25! You could get the same type of flip-flops without the print on them for probably $3 at Target.


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