Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MBTA taking an interesting step towards debt relief

MBTA General Manager Rich Davey recently introduced his new and very minimalistic approach to help ease the MBTA's rising debt, which is now estimated at over 8 billon dollars. Yea thats right you read it right BILLION! His idea, which is swiftly becoming a reality, is to set up an MBTA online merchandise store that will feature T-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, posters, and even the famous MBTA shower curtain.

Although this site will hardly solve the MBTA's debt and budget woes it will help to bring in a little bit of revenue and also have a place where T fanatics, like myself and Aaron, can go and buy stuff with the T logo on it. I got my hands on a few of the T-shirt designs that the T will be putting up for sale in the new store (below) and I also made a few of my own.

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