Monday, May 19, 2014

Farewell Boston

Boston to a T was started in my dorm room at Suffolk University three years ago. I wanted to create a blog that showcased to college students what it was like to live in the heart of Boston. But over the past three years Boston to a T has transformed into a platform dedicated to informing the public about the inner workings of Boston's public transportation system.

First, I would truly like to thank you for reading and following Boston to a T. Whether you read us on a daily basis, followed us on Twitter or Facebook, or just accidentally stumbled upon the page I want to thank you for the support. For me, creating this blog has not only helped me strive to become a better journalist, but it has also instilled in me a love for urban development and planning, hospitality, and of course transportation.

But now it is time for me to say goodbye. Tomorrow, I begin a new chapter in my life. I will be moving down to the beautiful state of Tennessee to begin my career as a on-air reporter. I will be working at WBBJ-TV which is the ABC and CBS affiliate in West Tennessee.

So you may be asking yourself, "what's next for Boston to a T"? Although I won't be living in the city I hope to still update you all about what is happening in and around the City of Boston. But things will not be the same. The Boston to a T Facebook page will still exist, I will try to update it with content in my free time.  I will also try to write posts here if I have time as well. As for the Twitter account, I have not yet decided what it's fate will be. I will post an update here as well as the Facebook page in the coming week as to what will come next.

Having the opportunity to inform you all about the inner workings of the MBTA over the past three years has truly been an honor and a privilege. I'm going to miss Boston, but I am very excited for what this new opportunity has in store for me.

Be sure to follow the hashtag  #DanMovesSouth to see my new adventure unfold!

Until next time Boston...


Dan Lampariello


  1. Daniel - I am sorry to see you go, since I've really enjoyed reading your blog, it has been pinned on my 'must read' since I first stumbled across it. Even though you may have started with an aim towards the student crowd, you brought together ALL Bostonians because you effectively focused on what we have in common - our public transportation infrastructure.

  2. Definitely enjoyed your blog over the years. All the best in your new career!


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