Thursday, October 3, 2013

Next Stop: Facebook

MBTA riders could soon be receiving updates and alerts by way of a simple Facebook post. The T announced on Wednesday that they have "reclaimed" a Facebook Page, that was once maintained by riders, as their own.

According to MBTA spokesperson, Kelly Smith, the T is in the middle of "recalibrating" its social media image, "The reclamation of the MBTA Facebook page is another step in that process and we are currently deciding how best it could serve our customers."

It is still uncertain if the T will begin posting on this newly reclaimed page, but they now have all the necessary tools to do so.

The page was originally created in 2008 by members of the MBTA Rider Oversight Committee.

The MBTA has been steadily increasing its presence on social media. Over the past few weeks the T have switched it's Twitter handle from @mbtaGM to @MBTA, gained around 1600 new followers and has become verified by Twitter.

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