Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boston to a T is Back!

It's been almost three months since I have posted here on Boston to a T, but I'm finally back!

I would first like to apologize to all of my loyal readers. The past three months have truly been very busy ones for me. I accepted a new job, I was involved in a musical production at my school, and was sill trying to focus on all of my school work. During this time, Boston to a T was unfortunately put on the back burner.

Now that I finally have some free time in my life, it's time to bring Boston to a T back to life.

I have a long list of posts that I am vigorously working to get posted in the weeks to come, so please stay tuned. As always I am always looking for guest contributors as well as ideas for different topics you would like me to cover.

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Dan Lampariello

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