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Who's Who for MBTA Info on Twitter

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Whether you like it or not, Twitter has become a powerhouse for down to the second information and news coverage over the past few years. From breaking news to seeing what your best friend is doing today, Twitter is now a go to spot to access news and information for millions of people across the globe.

On a local level, Twitter is how many people know whats happening around their communities, as well as how community officials keep in contact with their constituents. There are a plentiful amount of accounts here in the Boston area that are tweeting about local happenings and events as well as accounts were residents can tweet their concerns to city and government officials.

Personally, I find that there are just way to many informative accounts here in the city and sometimes it is very hard to keep track of them all. Over the next few months I will be creating guides like this to help organize the thousands of of Twitter accounts that help to keep Boston informed on a regular basis.

Here is Boston to a T's guide to MBTA information on Twitter:

The Obvious

These are the MUST follow accounts for anyone who rides the MBTA.

     - The official Twitter account of the MBTA. (If only the GM actually tweeted)

     -  The official Twitter account of the MBCR (the company which operates the Commuter Rail for the MBTA)  They regularly answer customer questions & concerns. 

     - This automated feed tweets every alert for MBTA bus, subway, rail, and water transport.

     - This feed is run and maintained by the MBTA's Bus Operations Department. They tweet alerts and information about the MBTA bus system. 

     - The official twitter account of the MBTA's Transit Police Department. Tweets include information about arrests, alerts, and other system information. 

     - The official twitter account of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. MassDOT CEO Rich Davey also tweets from this account on a regular basis. Tweets include information about the transportation infrastructure in MA: bridges, roads, MBTA ect.

The Informers

These accounts are your source for accurate, up-to-date, informative, and historical information regarding the MBTA.

@BostonUrbEx - A.P. Blake  

@MBTAinfo - Andy Monat

@Steven_DeMeo - Steven DeMeo

@UniversalHub - Adam Gaffin 

@BJustin - Justin B. 

@scampbell857 - Scottie Campbell

@smeuse89 - Stephen M.

@ZachTuckerSM - Zach Tucker 

@NathanSpencer - Nathan Spencer 

@steveannear - Steve Annear 

@Limegroove - Michal Skrzypek

@Carmensunion589 - Official account of 589 the MBTA's Carmen's Union 

@RateTheMBTA - Letting MBTA customers share their experiences both good and bad. 

The Observers

Have something to complain about, see something out of the ordinary, or just having a bad commute? These are your sources for all things weird, funny, scary, and frustrating on the MBTA.

@TStruggles - Tweeting the everyday struggles that come with riding the T. 

@OverheardMBTA - A collection of tweets "reflecting the angst and misery of riding the MBTA." 

@PeopleOntheT - Tweeting pictures of people on the T.

@GirlOnMBTA - Hating the T everyday.

@Green_Liner - A commuter experience on the T. 

@MBTAprobs -The good, the bad, the ugly, and the truth of the MBTA.

@MBTArules - Tweeting about the definitive rules for riding the T. 

@MBTAWorkerBee- Tweets about commuting and the D-Line.

@Peopleonthebus - Happenings on the MBTA's bus system.

@MBTweetA - Tweeting the "funny, crazy, and sometimes wildly inappropriate things you see and hear on America's oldest subway."

The Parodies

Just because...

@Mr_mbTa - Who knew that Mr. T rode the T

@MBTAHULK - Hulk is ready to smash the Green Line

@BigRedMass - Tweets from the MBTA's very own cattle car.

@StrollerCat - Remember that woman with the cat in a stroller on the Red Line

@MBTADeer - Some people on twitter thought that Bambi was roaming the Red Line tunnels....and might have caused the Cambridge Blackout

We here at Boston to a T also have a Twitter account. We like to say that we Tweet about "Anything and Everything Boston" but we also tweet a lot of MBTA information too. Follow us @Boston_to_a_T


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