Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Transportation

Voters across all 50 states will head to their local precincts today and cast ballots for a wide array of candidates seeking office in municipal, county, state, and federal elections. Here at Boston to a T our main concern when endorsing candidates for office is where they stand on transportation related issues.

Below is a list of candidates we believe will best promote causes related to the continued growth and sustainability of public transit both here in the Commonwealth and across the country.


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Barack Obama/Joe Biden: In his first four years in office President Obama made investment in high speed rail one of his administration's domestic policy priorities. By apportioning $53 billion for infrastructure upgrades to rail in February of 2011, President Obama not only gave room for Amtrak to better move people across the country but for freight suppliers and regional rail services to operate more efficiently. Mitt Romney's consistent affirmation that he would end subsidies to Amtrak and scale down federal funding across the board (presumably decreasing necessary capital investment for regional transit agencies) leads us to believe his motto towards transit, and transit riders, would be one of you're on your own. As Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney oversaw the MBTA. During his administration the Authority's annual budget deficit, created by a failed forward funding plan implemented by his predecessor, increased upwards of a hundred million dollards, while its debt load ballooned to over $5 billion. Romney's inaction in regards to the MBTA's fiscal crisis ultimately led to the budget debacle that nearly crippled the Authority earlier this year. The President's leadership on transportation related issues, mixed with Mitt Romney's inability to address transportation needs, makes Boston to a T believe that four more years of an Obama administration would be beneficial to transit riders across the country.


Elizabeth Warren: The race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren made history as the nation's most expensive Senate race ever. The vile attacks launched by each campaign created a sharp divide over the concept of "whose side do you stand on". While Senator Brown constantly championed himself as a bi-partisan leader working to promote the well-being of all his record speaks differently. As a United States Senator he voted against three jobs bills that would have largely focused on our nation's infrastructure. These bills would have put thousands of people to work rebuilding our highways, airports, roads, bridges, and public transit facilities. On the contrary, Elizabeth Warren has made investment in infrastructure a cornerstone of her bid for Senate. Warren believes that if our nation's infrastructure is strong we can better move people, cargo, and information and thus create economic advantages to boost our competitiveness in the future. Boston to a T proudly endorses Elizabeth Warren in her bid for US Senate.

Congressional Races

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Office of the Governor 
Michael Capuano: Congressman Capuano has been a tireless advocate for transportation issues throughout his six terms in office. His work advocating for the Green Line extension to Somerville and an Orange Line stop at Assembly Square are exemplary of his commonsense approach to reducing automobile dependency and increasing transit use in urban areas. Congressman Capuano was also a strong proponant of a piece of legislation called the Carnahan Bill. The bill would have extended federal funding to operational costs and capital investment costs for regional transit agencies instead of just the latter. There is no stronger advocate for transit and transit riders in the US House of Representatives than Michael Capuano. Boston to a T proudly endorses him in his bid for re-election.


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  2. Public transport does need advocates/politicians that fight for public transport. The mbta is in dire need of investment from new train cars to better support for infrastructure. Without the political backing, nothing will get done. I would also like to mention Jill Stein would've been a better choice for president as far as transportation advocacy goes.

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