Friday, July 6, 2012

MBTA set to overhaul bi-levels

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Last January the MBTA announced that they would be receiving bids for the midlife overhaul of 74 of their Kawasaki bi-level coaches. After recieving and reviewing the bids, it looks like the MBTA will finally be moving forward with the overhaul process.

On July 11th the MBTA board will vote on whether to award the the $114 Million project to Alstom Transportation out of Hornell New York. For those of you who read our last guest post written by Scott Page this is the same company that will be overhauling the MBTA's 86 Type 7 LRV's. 

First MBTA Bi-level coach
debuting at South Station in 1990
The 74 coaches that are being overhauled are numbers 700-749, 1700-1709, and 1711-1724. The contract will also include an option to overhaul an additional 32 cars including numbers 750-781 and the damaged 1710.

The contract for the coaches will last between two or three years. The overhaul work includes replacing and reconditioning the coaches trucks, couplers, HVAC systems, electrical systems, batteries and battery chargers, some interior fixtures and safety-emergency equipment. The MBTA has yet to release which coaches will be sent out to New York first. 

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