Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MBTA April Service Changes: Part 2

Like I said in my last post  April is a very busy month in regards to service and schedule changes at the MBTA.

Here is what you need to know in regards to changes the Commuter Rails scheduling for the month of April: 

Fitchburg Line

Starting Saturday, April 21 and running through Sunday, June 3 the MBCR will be performing weekend track work on the Fitchburg Line to upgrade it to a double tack system. The work will only be taking place between South Action and Fitchburg stations.

What you need to know:

  • Shuttle busing will replace ALL rail travel between South Acton and Fitchburg station every weekend between April 21 and June 3.
  • Passengers looking for inbound Boston service from Fitchburg, North Leominster, Shirley, Ayer, and Route 495/Littleton stations will be bussed to South Acton where they will board their train to Boston. 
  • Passengers looking for outbound service to Fitchburg will exit their train at South Acton station and board buses bound for Fitchburg, North Leominster, Shirley, Ayer, and Route 495/Littleton. 
  • Weekend Fitchburg service will run as scheduled Memorial Day Weekend (May 26 and 27.)
  • Passengers should add an extra 25 minutes to their commute if they are traveling further than South Acton.
The Platform at Wickford Junction
Courtesy: Wickford Junction
Providence Line

Beginning on Monday, April 23 the MBTA and MBCR will officially open their brand new extension of the Providence Line to Wickford Junction Station in New Kingston RI. Ten trains will travel to and from the new station every weekday (there will be no weekend service.) 

There are two large changes in this new schedule that may affect customers they are as follows:
  • Train No. 975, currently the 3:30PM train from South Station to Canton Center, is renumbered to Train No. 811, and will still depart at 3:30PM but is extended to Providence and will NOT stop at Canton Center.
  • Train No. 811, currently the 3:45PM train from South Station to Providence, is renumbered Train No. 813, and will depart 15 minutes later at 4:00PM.

The new schedule for the entire Providence/Stoughton is available HERE

Old Colony & Greenbush Lines

Beginning Monday, April 23 the MBTA and MBCR will be putting into place new schedules on the Plymouth/Kingston, Middleborough/Lakeville, and Greenbush lines. These new schedules will reflect   the restoration of 70 MPH track speeds on all three lines. 

According to the MBTA and MBCR changes to the schedules are minimal but they do reflect a reduction in trip times, which range from 5 to 10 minutes. 

  • The new Old Colony (Plymouth/Kingston and Middleborough/Lakeville) schedules are available HERE.
  • The new Greenbush schedule is available HERE.

Pocket schedules will be available at South Station and North Station in the middle of next week and web versions will also be available on the MBTA’s website.

For more information check out &
If your on twitter, tweet your comments and concerns to the official twitter account of the Commuter Rail system: @MBCR_Info or  the MBTA GM's official account: @mbtaGM.

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