Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheers to One Year

A year ago today we started Boston to a T! Over the past year we have truly come a very long way.

First, we would truly like to thank you for reading and following Boston to a T. If you read us on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter, or just accidentally stumbled upon the page we thank you for supporting us over the past year!

Aaron and I started Boston to a T last March when we were freshman. We wanted to launch a blog that showcased what it was like for college students to live in the heart of this wonderful city, but overall it turned into a site that highlighted "Anything and Everything Boston!" Oh yeah, and if you had not noticed, it also kind of turned into a small obsession with the MBTA.We made it our mission to inform the people of  Boston, and its outlying suburbs, about the happenings around the city and information about the MBTA.

For me writing this blog has not only helped me strive to become a better journalist, but has also instilled in me a love for urban development and planning, hospitality, and of course transportation.

Over the past 365 days Boston to a T has truly become something that is way beyond our wildest dreams. Sitting in our dorm room  last year we would have never thought that we would be named one of the best Boston Blogs to follow on Twitter by Bostinno or be featured on the cover of the Boston Metro!

Since last March we have published over 80 different posts with topics ranging from who is the actual voice of the MBTA (which has become our most popular article), to how Assembly Row is going to be Boston's "Next great neighborhood." We took numerous "Field Trips" to different cities including San Francisco and New York City, which will hopefully become yearly experiences. We started a Twitter account which now has almost 700 followers.We have been able to meet and speak with the General Manager of the MBTA Jonathan Davis, MassDOT Secretary Richard Davey, MBCR General Manager Hugh Kiley and many other notable members of the Boston community.

Overall, we have truly hit a milestone here at Boston to a T and we look forward to sharing even more information with you!

Things to look forward to:

Along with the start of a new year comes new features and upgrades!

If you noticed, there is a new poll located on the sidebar that asks you to help us choose our new logo! Please help by voting for your favorite one. The most popular choice will be made Boston to a T's new logo by mid April! 

Also, by this summer we will be transferring Boston to a T off of our Blogger platform  so we can  launch our own website! Right now we have a sneak preview which you can check out at

As we move forward with Boston to a T we will also be looking for even more ways to help bring information to Boston residents and commuters alike. We are committed to using this blog and other social media platforms to put pressure on the MBTA and other Boston organization to be more transparent.

Happy Commuting, Happy Reading, and of course THANK YOU for supporting Boston to a T!

- Dan Lampariello & Aaron Lumnah 

This is Boston. This is your city. 
Just go out and explore!


  1. Wow guys! Great first year and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings! Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats, guys, and keep up the wonderful work! It's always a pleasure to stop by and read a new post.


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