Monday, October 24, 2011

A Night at South Station

This past weekend Aaron and I decided were going to go on a photo shoot around the city! Our first stop on the trip was South Station and then we got stuck on a disabled train at Davis, but thats a story for another time.

One of the first things I noticed when I walked onto the platform was a set of Pullman and Budd Coaches! After some investigation I found that they were part of a Coors Light advertising campaign! Coors Light had two V.I.P. trains (one departing from Washington and one from Boston) traveling to New York City for a special concert. Legal-drinking-age consumers won trips on the Silver Bullet Express through local promotions over the past six weeks, including pre-parties where tickets to the big event in New York City were given away.
 Each Silver Bullet Express train featured special Coors Light d├ęcor inside and out, and also a local DJ. The trains also featured Coors Light bars, video game stations, and iPads so winners could provide social media commentary about their experience!
The coaches for the train were leased from The Mid America Rail Car Leasing Company and consisted of coaches once used on the Souther Pacific Railroad. We did not end up seeing the Locomotive that would be pulling the train set. In the past companies that do campaigns like this will utilize Amtrak for their operation.
 Something I have been wanting to see for a while at South Station was an MBTA coach that is used for Old Colony Service! Before reading a post on iridetheT I had no idea that all of the MBTA coaches have power doors! Unfortunately the only lines that the power doors can be used on are the Old Colony lines because there are no low-level platforms. You will notice on this bi-level that there is no door handle! Gotta love Automatic doors!

This is is a Acela Express train just coming in from D.C.! This is an older train set you can see how the aluminum body of the coaches is dented every where!
Well I will leave you with a shot from the platforms at South Station looking out into the Financial Districts skyline! If you want some more cool photos of interesting things found at South Station visit iridethet!


  1. Neat shots! That rounded observation car is one of the classiest things I've ever seen at South Station! If it's just those three private cars, they're usually hauled on the back of a Northeast Regional.

    Also, thanks for the links!

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