Monday, October 10, 2011

MBTA snapshots!

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. This post is full of funny and interesting pictures of graffiti, signs, wraps...ect. that I have seen on the T over the past year!


Wraps are a very familiar sight on the MBTA. Especially now because they are always looking to find more ways to receive revenue from advertising.
The bus wrap to the left was an ad campaign done by L.L. Bean which allowed anyone that rode that specific bus to ride for free. The campaign was promoting their free shipping for The bus was wrapped to resemble a huge package.

I have never seen Amtrak cars in a full wrap! This was a really cool sight to see. This was a Northeast Regional train that was sitting in South Station. The wrap was promoting the Looney Toons return to Cartoon Network.


Advertising is one of the most interesting things that commuters see while riding the T. You can see everything from the Judgement Day ad's to the new really clever  Zip car ad's. Here are a few I have seen over the past year that have had peoples scribbles on them.

The photo to the left is not my photo but one of the coolest shots I have seen. It depicts an MBTA EMD F-10 locomotive that displays a "I want YOU Aboard" sign. I thought it was very neat ad campaign. 

 I love seeing stuff around the system that just makes me laugh out loud 

I hope no one is looking for Transit Police assistance!

Looks like the Red Line is giving away free money...

 Many MBTA employees try to make commuters lives a little easier by adding their own helpful signs to the system maps.

This one above is at Kendall/MIT on the Red line and is shows how to get to the airport. 

The System has changed a lot over the years. The commuter rail map to the left shows the system when   the B&M were running the show.

Lastly this is a map on the Red Line that had been scratched off but has since been re done in Sharpie.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed all the pics. If you have any funny pics of happenings on the T we would love to see them. Just leave a comment below. 


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