Friday, September 16, 2011

Young girl stuck and killed by MBTA Commuter train

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An outbound commuter rail train on the Providence/Stoughton line struck and killed a young girl at around six pm this evening just west of the Hyde Park station according the MBTA. Police, firefighters, and paramedics are currently on scene and MBTA commuter rail service is being diverted off the Northeast Corridor.

According to witnesses the train hit the young girl and then dragged her about 50' until the train came to a stop. The train is currently standing by, waiting for further investigation, at the Readville Station.

The accident is causing major delays on the Providence/Stoughton and Franklin lines. Some Amtrak trains are also being affected. Currently trains are still operating between Boston and Providence but they are being diverted down the Fairmount Branch and cutting back onto the Northeast Corridor at Readville Junction.
Providence line commuter trains will not stop at Hyde Park, Ruggles, and Back Bay
Per usual always check for the latest alerts!

As more information becomes available I will be adding it in!


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