Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interim MBTA GM unveiled

Davis (left) Davey (right)                            Courtesy: MBTA
Today, more than two weeks after Richard Davey was named the new MassDOT Secretary of Transportation, Richard Davey announced his interim replacement.

Since 1995 Jonathan Davis has overseen and maneuvered all of the MBTA's finances as the T's Chief Financial Officer and Deputy GM. He has been finding interesting way to pay the debt struck MBTA's bills for over fifteen years. His new job, which he will hold for about two months while a search committee can find a permanent replacement, will certainly be a lot more trying. Currently he is not being considered for the permanent position.

Davis has expressed that he would like to continue to work on the goals and ideas that Davey has brought to the T. These include the high focus on safety and customer service. The largest goal for Davis over his two months as the GM is to keep the T's finances in perfect order. I feel that because he has so much experience with the MBTA's finances already he can keep moving the agency forward all while keeping it stable.

Davis has over 40 years working in the financial world. Before joining the T he worked for Lynnfield based H.P. Hood dairy as a Vice President, Chief Controller, Operations Planner, and Treasurer. He starts his job officially on September 2nd the same day that Richard Davey becomes head of MassDOT. I really hope that Davis continues to grow on what Davey has already started and I really hope the new permanent GM isn't like some other we had in the past!
 I will keep you all posted as the search process moves forward!

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