Monday, May 2, 2011

Richard Davey: The man who gets things done!

Davey with one of the Bi-level prototypes 
Many of you have heard me praise the work of the MBTA General Manager Richard Davey throughout many of my posts. I feel that this man is the reason why the MBTA has come so very far in the last year. As GM he as implemented such things as new commuter rail locomotives and real time phone applications, installed security cameras on buses,  re-introduced three train Green Line trollies,  much, much more!

I was also pleased to read about another phenomenal thing Davey did recently on Tyler Trahan's blog i Ride the T. This was about how Davey took time out of his own vacation to South Korea in order to visit and inspect the manufacturing plant that will be making the four prototypes of the 75 bi-level coaches that we have on order. He also did it all on his own expense. This truly shows that he is a genuine and noble person and that he really cares about the future of the MBTA!

I was also glad to find that someone else respects Davey as much as I do. This past week on WCVB's Style Boston, Davey was honored as the week's Power Player. Click here to see the video!

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