Monday, May 16, 2011

The MBTA is rolling out some new maps....FINALLY!

A map at Chinatown Station 
So as I have noted in some of my previous posts many of MBTA's maps are a little out of date. The Orange line has had the most neglect when it has come to their maps. Most of the maps at the stations were installed during the Orange Line redevelopment in the 1980's! They all show the E branch of the Green Line still going to Forest Hills, they all still say New England Medical Center instead of Tufts, and they don't show the Silver Line or the new commuter rail lines. They are just terribly out of date!

New map at Back Bay
Finally though, the T is spending a little money to help their passengers figure out how to get around the system. The new maps are amazing! They show every commuter rail line with every one of their stops and they also show the new phase of the Silver Line! Aaron and I were walking through Back Bay station the other day and saw some workers putting them up.

I really hope I see more of these maps popping up in other parts of the system!

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