Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's new at Fenway?

The baseball season is officially in full swing, and even though this year's Sox team hasn't quite been pleasing fans, spectators of all kinds will be able to find something to appreciate with the newest renovations and additions to America's favorite ballpark.

This year marked the tenth and final year in a series of renovations costing $285 million to restore and revamp the park. The plan, begun in 2002, was to ensure that the 99 year old park will remain the home to the Red Sox for at least the next three or four decades. Construction was finally completed by opening day on April 8, with the unveiling of three new HD video boards, seen at right.

The John Hancock screen in the center, measuring in at 100 feet wide and 38 feet high cost the team $40 million. New videos and player information can now be seen on this screen, along with the to-be-expected large space for advertising. To the left, the Bank of America display, 17 feet high and 100 feet wide, was replaced with a brand new LED screen, and over the right field bleachers, the 16 by 30 foot display is also new.

ANC Sports undertook the installation of this brand new equipment. 

Spectators will now be able to see the same type of information that fans watching on their TVs at home can see. The screens will remain clear even in bright sun, ensuring a high picture quality all the time.

In addition to these new displays, renovations over the past off-season included the replacement or refurbishing of 10,000 seats in the lower grandstand of the right field and major improvements at Gate D. Also new this year are the creation of concrete surfaces on walkways from Gate D to Gate C which will make it easier for people to move about.

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